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gardening post

this is my fuchsia:

close up:

this is my garden:

Actually only 2/5 of my garden i have other beds.

hmmm… there’s something weird going on in that first bed.  It looks like some asshole has been trampling through it oh yes here he is:

This is my first year of making an concentrated effort to grow things, and of course the first step of that process is to amass a small library of reference books.

I broadcast sowed my lettuce on the advice of a bunch of different sources, with the idea being that you can eat what you thin and have lettuce all season long

I don’t know if i spread them too thick or if I pushed all the seed together when I raked over them but the lettuce looks WAY too thick:

right now all those little plants just have the cotyledon; no true leaves yet.  I think I am going to need to do a round of non-edible thinning.  I’m so confused this is not what the books told me to expect \O_o/


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first weekend in may

This weekend I:

  • assembled ikea furniture
  • rearranged a living room
  • made homemade bagels
  • played 6 rounds of uno
  • deep cleaned the entire upstairs
  • rearranged the patio
  • sat outside and read
  • made this for dinner

not bad.

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