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wheat bread and quiche

I’m trying to get better at bread making.  I’ve made the basic white bread recipe that came with my kitchenaid mixer and its “ok”.   Considering my first couple attempts at any kind of yeast bread were hard flat bricks, i guess those were improvements BUT i think im ready to branch out now:

A Year In Bread Farmhouse White Wheat

I replaced the all purpose flour with wheat flour, the canola oil with butter, and used milk for the liquid.  oh and i didnt use instant yeast so i proofed it.

I should have taken pictures during the mixing process but didn’t.  I mixed the dough in the mixer but could not get it to make a nice ball.  I probably added way more flour than I needed to to try and get it to come together.  Kneading in the mixer seemed to make it harder, so I dumped it on the counter and kneaded by hand.  Loved it; will knead more i think.

here we are snuggled down for the first rise:

first rise





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