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mmmmmm… polentaaaaa….

i’ve never really been able to determine where grits end and polenta begins.  the last box of cornmeal i bought was white corn and it sure looked and cooked and tasted like grits to me.  one of my most favorite comfort foods in the whole world is a big bowl of grits loaded with butter and salt and maybe a fried egg dropped right on top.  i’ve always assumed that polenta was the upscale cousin of grits but im beginning to suspect theyre really identical twins and ONE of them is putting on airs. (more…)


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* double lattes.  woo baby i was on FIRE

time to make a birthday cake!  as i posted before my last cake was a minor disaster.  enough so that for the last week C. was all: are you SURE you want to make another layer cake and finally I got right in his face and said Back. the Fuck. Off. and he edged slowly away like any sane person would.

i’ve learned some lessons from past experience and was ready to put into practice some additional internet wisdoms regarding the wizardry of cake decorating.  I made my layers the night before and had them chilling in the fridge overnight.  no melting frosting top layer sliding off and having to be secured with crossed fingers and toothpicks THIS year.


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i guess i know that if i want to “build” a “successful” “blog” i need to post new exciting awesome creative things somewhat regularly but see here’s the thing. i finally dont care about this thing becoming anything more than a snaphot of the next (ideally) year or so for me to look back on. Sorta like the little moleskine pocket dayplanner i use to jot a note here and there… with big stretches of empty weeks because i just didnt “feel like it” (or more likely nothing much was going on).

when youre a perpetual starter (intermittent finisher) like me, its easy to start a project with big dreams of having this big awesome helpful creative witty blog that everyone looooves omg and links to you on the bigger aggregate-type sites like craft or thekitchn but ive come back down to earth now and come to terms with the fact that im not actually great at being helpful creative witty and its not in my future and that is a HUGE relief.  it honestly weirds me out when i see from the wordpress dashboard that a poor soul accidentally hit any one of my pages anyway.  I mean ive not even told my MOM where this thing is… although maybe i should.  she might enjoy it.

Anyway. here’s what (is/was) for dinner this week:

  • Yakisoba (using ~6oz of beef)
  • Panfried true cod with asparagus and couscous
  • Trip to Red Robin for Eva’s birthday dinner.  Her choice. (i got a gardenburger with cheddar cheese and bacon.  and fries.  and an icecream sundae. :X)
  • grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  • Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with green beans and brown rice
  • Chicken Sausage with White Beans and Sage


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subtitle: fingering weight yarn, norwegian purl, attempting (and failing) to scale learning curves & project overload

before last week’s journey to the yarn store i told C. that I would make him something, anything he wanted and that he could pick out any yarn he wanted.  in hindsight i should have set some parameters.

but i didn’t and he chose a lovely soft merino/bamboo hand-dyed yarn and said he wanted a scarf. I was THRILLED to buy it.  Then I tried to knit with it.

see up til this point I’d been working with worsted weight yarns and size 7-8-9 needles and felt pretty confident; even knitting in the round with dpns was awkward but not daunting.  my new years goal of knitting socks was within my grasp and it wasn’t even february yet!  I’m king of the world!!

until I tried to hold that woobu with size 4 needles (which isnt even that small!!).  I started and frogged probably a half dozen times – I couldn’t get it cast on right, I couldnt control my tension, I kept dropping stitches… aaaaa!  it was terrible!

Reality check #1: I’m not as good as I thought I was (more…)

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cooking this week is going on the back burner (haw).

we’ve had a death in the family and c. is fying to iowa tomorrow leaving me to fly solo for the next few days with the girl.  its no thing; people do this all the time but cooking for a picky 9 year old is trying enough without having to scale recipes to 1.5 people.  So im sticking to things she likes:

  • macaroni and cheese
  • beans and rice + cornbread
  • … sushi train?

we’ll get back on track next week.

In other news i made another hat.  This wasnt even a hat for me or anyone really it was just a basic hat.  i kinda just wanted to see how fast i could crank it out (answer: less than a day. POW).

I used this pattern but messed it up (of c.).  When I read to knit for 5.5 inches, I took that as 5.5 inches PLUS the 2.5 rib – so i got like 8 inches in before i started decreasing. which means that i nearly ran out of yarn toward the top and had to do all the decrease rows one after another instead of knitting for 2 rows inbetween. So now its long and narrows abruptly giving it kindof a toque-ish feel which doesn’t look terrible on even if it isnt EXACTLY what was expected.

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hat 2 done and i love the way this turned out!

i like it so much that i don’t even CARE about the missing hat (not true but i care LESS maybe). i would call this the end of hatquest except that 2 nights ago i dreamed about the missing hat and woke up that morning wondering if i could recreate it with my terrible memory and weak sauce skills. that afternoon i went to the yarn store (because there was a sale i am seriously not at the yarn store every weekend [yet]) and I SAW MY MISSING HAT knitted up as an example piece in orange.

i got to the counter and put my yarn down and said to the girl ‘can i buy that pattern too?’ and she said its from Boutique Knits and in my head i said ‘booya’.

i went home and looked it up on the internet and not ONLY did i see that missing hat is on the cover of the freaking book but i ALSO see one of the first google results was for the hat that i saw irl at the store (?!?)!  in addition ive found that missing hat’s name is NOT in fact ‘dirty hair hat’ but side slip cloche.  go figure.  also all of the pictures ive seen from the book and other people’s projects show a hat with less “flap” than mine had i think so im probably going to have to study my one picture of dirty hair hat and still make a few modifications…

still.  happy!  new hat.  terrible pictures.  yay.

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ive not done it before and it sounds goooooooood…

I am also finishing up hat number 2 and maybe MAYBE going to sit down and look at a seed catalog and figure out what I want to plant then make a spreadsheet of when i need to plant everything and the time it takes to harvest and figure out where everything should go for staggered/succession planting because my ability to manipulate time and space really sucked last year. also i think i can start planting in february so i should do that soon.

but that sounds a bit like a lot esp for a (4 day weekend) sunday .

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