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I mean aside from my own personal just kinda being tired and lazy but the weather is seeming to egg on my do-nothingness and who am i to argue with the weather.

i was in line at the grocery store today and the guy in front of me asked the cashier what the deal with all the clouds and rain was (he wasnt from here and wondered if this is a typical spring and summer for us).  i couldnt stop myself from snorting.  I should probably keep track – I *want* to say there are more nice years than not but it’s probably split 50/50.

We have the good years that are warm and sunny and clear beginning in may and are just beautiful and make our relentlessly grey pacific northwest winters bearable.

Then we have these years where its 60 and drizzling every day through the 4th of July and everyone just wants to die. (more…)


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