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i really wanted this to be about doing things – something – anything.  keeping busy keeps me sane.

except that i havent really felt like doing anything.  the last time i was pregnant was 10 years ago.  not only have i significantly less energy this time around i also seem to have acquired things like “responsibilities” and “obligations” which seem to take up more time than i remember or maybe it just seems that way when you routinely fall asleep at 9:00 every night.  everything else just kinda gets pushed aside.

anyway.  this doesnt matter anymore since im on bedrest now.  i have all the time in the world… (ok the next 3 weeks) do really soak in some doing nothing.  obligations – such as work, grocery shopping, making dinner, tending the garden: gone.  my world is literally my bed.  the couch.  the bathroom.

and it fucking sucks. (more…)


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