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i haven’t been writing mostly because ive been feeling like shit mostly because ive found out i was pregnant but i didnt want to say anything because i hadnt really told anyone yet but then my mom came to visit and i realized she never even looks at this thing even though she knows about it so i can talk about whatever i want here and so i could have just stayed in the routine except for that whole feeling like shit thing i just mentioned which really has been terrible.

as of today i am/we are at 11 weeks as of TODAY (i drafted this post a while ago) I am at 15 weeks and i think most of the exhaustion and nausea have finally fallen away (for real). which is good because i got eggs to color and maybe some hot cross buns to make (just because they look delish) (they werent THAT great).  also we just did a cheapie re-do on the upstairs bathroom and i need to go to ikea and get some kind of shelf and maybe one of those little rolling trays for my kitchen garbage can that they are ALWAYS OUT OF (we repurposed a dresser and they were still out of the rolling trash thing ugh).

This weekend (just to make it a real update) I have to make a cheshire cat costume for a parade.  m kinda terrified of that.


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animal pictures

because why the heck not.



lang and smeagol



bad hair day


eleanor plots to take over the world

chair: ur doin it wrong

snuggle buddiezzz:

when elli was just a kitten

mr and mrs santa

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eleanor wonders where da food at

so my meal plan for this week isnt any different from last week since i only really got a chance to cook twice.

instead i had to go out one night with a friend since she told me she had exciting news (engaged, quitting her job, starting her own practice AND an awesome book deal… aaaaaa!  \O_o/) then another night we had tickets to a blazer game then there was a superbowl party and girl scouts night and oh i dont know probably something else so w/e i’m just reusing everything from last week and adding on butter chicken which c. has expressed an interest in making and more power to him.

and it will be AWESOME.  btw.


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so last weeks meal plan didnt get all used up since we were pretty busy.  here’s what’s lined up for this week:

Milk Chicken (didn’t get to it last week!)
halibut steak (prepared ???) with broccolini and rice
latkes with sausage and kale
pasta with bolognese; this will be a weekend project

Going to see Xanadu with a friend tonight and we’re going to get some tapas before… sooooooo excited.  I’ve been singing the soundtrack for days.  my daughter thinks ive lost it.

as long as im posting videos here are the cats being ridiculous:

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