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i started this blog as a form of super cheap therapy. i figured that if i were obligated to check in once or twice a week with something ANYTHING then i could stay… if not sane then at least focused. on something. other then naval gazing and negative thinking and giving myself over to entropy that is.

welp i took a little break to indulge myself being that the dog was sick and i was sad and then suddenly i was also sick and then the dog got feeling better but i was stuck on “wallow” because of that damned inertia and lookit that i’ve not checked in in a while. so lets remedy this.

Update #1: Lang-dog is doing great tymv

So sometime last weekend i think (i dont remember) his nose stopped bleeding and while that may be a bad sign in the long run it was the one thing holding him back from regular old, ‘in your face’, borderline annoying lang so I think he can now be considered “good as new”.

Except for the room clearing gas he’s developed either because of the meds or the super calorie dense food we’ve got him on to try to gain back his weight.  it’s seriously the most obnoxious stuff ever made even MORE disconcerting by the fact that from a few rooms away it smells like someone’s heating up leftover beef stew. 😐

Update #2: Cooking stuff

I made granola yesterday.  It’s freaking good and hella cheap.  Then I made the mistake of looking up some nutritional information and about crapped myself.

It’s still good.

Update #3: Growing stuff

My arugula is coming up as are my peas.  in your FACE doubters who said i couldnt plant anything in february!  I don’t know that anyone actually sais that but I know for sure that I was thinking it.

Because I am always pushing my luck today I planted some chard and broccoli and spinach.

Also I found out the lovely flowering thing in my backyard is a flowering quince.

Also Also i found im growing something else but im going to wait till my mom comes to visit to talk about it EVEN THOUGH im pretty sure my mom doesnt read my blog anyway EVEN THOUGH i have sent her the link and i know shes not got anything better to do now that shes retired (this is a trap).

Update #4: Miscellaney

final fantasy XIII comes out on tuesday im pretending i dont even care but i know i am going to the game store that afternoon aaaaand i hate myself for that just a little bit.


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This week:

we also have girlscouts and gymnastics and WALKING WITH THE FREAKING DINOSAURS tomorrow so there’ll probably be a few leftover and beenie-weenie nights for quick easy can we please just go one night without anyone complaining about how they dont really like what i cooked.

I’ve been taking leftovers for lunch (or just being lazy and going to the cafeteria) but its too much heavy food and starting to make me feel like poo so I’m going back to my favorite: fake bento.  which is pretty much just a bunch of snacks crammed in a box.  I have adorable bento boxes that I’ve been collecting over the years but i’ve found that a good leakproof sandwich container works great – especially if you use little silicone cupcake liners to separate out the contents.

I try to have one thing from each category plus one more fruit and/or veggie and pack the box FULL:

  • Protein: nuts, hard boiled egg, nut butter, cottage cheese, cheese cubes or a babybel, yogurt
  • Fruit: 1/2 of an apple, pear, or orange; grapes, berries, dates, etc
  • Veggiescarrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, edamame, broccoli, leftovers (greens/asparagus/etc)
  • Grainsrice balls, whole wheat or wasa crackers, sesame sticks, granola maybe?

It doesn’t look like a huge amount of food, but it is filling and satisfying and probably good for you?  Better than chicken fingers, french fries, and a cup of brown gravy to dip everything in which was an actual lunch i had last week (-_-;).  ALSO you can snack on stuff all day and don’t have to feel guilty about breaking into your lunch at 10:30 if you want because youre just going to grab a teeny bite.   i’ve tried to take pictures of my fake bentos before but the morning light is crap right now so id basically be taking pictures in the dark.  maybe ill give it another shot tho.

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you see i was getting geared up to make a soup the other day and i opened my freezer to see if i had a chicken carcass because if im going to make a soup i may as well go balls out and make a stock too right? and what did i find? a whole half a chicken.

now, i don’t remember when i put it there.  therefore: mystery chicken.  the internet told me that chicken is good frozen for 9 months to a year and i am pretty sure that it hasn’t been that long.  also growing up we had a chest freezer and used to get a whole hog from the farm once a year and i KNOW some of that stuff was in there forever and ever and none of us ever died so …

i thawed it out. and the skin definitely had some freezer burn, but the meat looked intact. so i said fuck it im going to make a stock anyway i mean worse case scenario it tastes funky and i have to toss it and use boxed stock but at least i tried and really what else am i doing today the weather is kinda crap and the only other real plans i have involve napping on the couch while i pretend to watch the olympics and maybe MAYBE taking a shower so its not like i cant fit it into my day.


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a few weeks ago there was this lovely soup making the rounds. it was posted and reposted everywhere. the only thing NOT posted was the recipe. now i love deborah madison and ‘vegetarian cooking for everyone’ has my current favorite soup and and of course i was dying to try it but im not really in a position to buy a new cookbook right now. so i looked up another recipe and worked backwards from this vegan modified version and came up with this.  i don’t know how close it is to the original but its goooooood. (more…)

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eleanor wonders where da food at

so my meal plan for this week isnt any different from last week since i only really got a chance to cook twice.

instead i had to go out one night with a friend since she told me she had exciting news (engaged, quitting her job, starting her own practice AND an awesome book deal… aaaaaa!  \O_o/) then another night we had tickets to a blazer game then there was a superbowl party and girl scouts night and oh i dont know probably something else so w/e i’m just reusing everything from last week and adding on butter chicken which c. has expressed an interest in making and more power to him.

and it will be AWESOME.  btw.


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tuesday: mealplan for 2/2

Pretty much everything we made last week was a huge hit; especially the yakisoba, chicken with polenta and prosciutto, and the chicken sausage and white bean casserole.  Next time I make the casserole I’ll add some greens (chard or kale) and bake it in a squash half.  yummmm!

Edit: Ok so while at the store I saw halibut filets at a decent price and knew i had a half a head of cabbage leftover from last week.  I grabbed an avacado and I’m gonna make C. make me some tortillas and make some fish tacos!

the total bill for this week’s food, including staples and miscellaneous junk was ~$90 – woot.

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mmmmmm… polentaaaaa….

i’ve never really been able to determine where grits end and polenta begins.  the last box of cornmeal i bought was white corn and it sure looked and cooked and tasted like grits to me.  one of my most favorite comfort foods in the whole world is a big bowl of grits loaded with butter and salt and maybe a fried egg dropped right on top.  i’ve always assumed that polenta was the upscale cousin of grits but im beginning to suspect theyre really identical twins and ONE of them is putting on airs. (more…)

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