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I mean aside from my own personal just kinda being tired and lazy but the weather is seeming to egg on my do-nothingness and who am i to argue with the weather.

i was in line at the grocery store today and the guy in front of me asked the cashier what the deal with all the clouds and rain was (he wasnt from here and wondered if this is a typical spring and summer for us).  i couldnt stop myself from snorting.  I should probably keep track – I *want* to say there are more nice years than not but it’s probably split 50/50.

We have the good years that are warm and sunny and clear beginning in may and are just beautiful and make our relentlessly grey pacific northwest winters bearable.

Then we have these years where its 60 and drizzling every day through the 4th of July and everyone just wants to die. (more…)


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i started this blog as a form of super cheap therapy. i figured that if i were obligated to check in once or twice a week with something ANYTHING then i could stay… if not sane then at least focused. on something. other then naval gazing and negative thinking and giving myself over to entropy that is.

welp i took a little break to indulge myself being that the dog was sick and i was sad and then suddenly i was also sick and then the dog got feeling better but i was stuck on “wallow” because of that damned inertia and lookit that i’ve not checked in in a while. so lets remedy this.

Update #1: Lang-dog is doing great tymv

So sometime last weekend i think (i dont remember) his nose stopped bleeding and while that may be a bad sign in the long run it was the one thing holding him back from regular old, ‘in your face’, borderline annoying lang so I think he can now be considered “good as new”.

Except for the room clearing gas he’s developed either because of the meds or the super calorie dense food we’ve got him on to try to gain back his weight.  it’s seriously the most obnoxious stuff ever made even MORE disconcerting by the fact that from a few rooms away it smells like someone’s heating up leftover beef stew. 😐

Update #2: Cooking stuff

I made granola yesterday.  It’s freaking good and hella cheap.  Then I made the mistake of looking up some nutritional information and about crapped myself.

It’s still good.

Update #3: Growing stuff

My arugula is coming up as are my peas.  in your FACE doubters who said i couldnt plant anything in february!  I don’t know that anyone actually sais that but I know for sure that I was thinking it.

Because I am always pushing my luck today I planted some chard and broccoli and spinach.

Also I found out the lovely flowering thing in my backyard is a flowering quince.

Also Also i found im growing something else but im going to wait till my mom comes to visit to talk about it EVEN THOUGH im pretty sure my mom doesnt read my blog anyway EVEN THOUGH i have sent her the link and i know shes not got anything better to do now that shes retired (this is a trap).

Update #4: Miscellaney

final fantasy XIII comes out on tuesday im pretending i dont even care but i know i am going to the game store that afternoon aaaaand i hate myself for that just a little bit.

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so i woke up this morning and it was beautiful and sunny and i opened the blinds in the bathroom to peek out into the back yard and my freshly panted bed and the whole backyard is in shadow and im like boooo but i know this.  we have a shady backyard on the east side of the house.  itll be shady till like… may probably… when the sun is finally high enough to get over the laurel hedge on the south side of the yard.

and then it hit me.  i just put in late winter seeds.  but my beds dont have any sun yet.  crap.  BUT my summer veggie bed gets some sun now and gets the MOST sun in the summer and since im not planting till like may/june in that bed theres no reason not to start arugula and peas there since they’ll be ready to harvest when the other stuff goes in (THEORETICALLY ! ).  we’ll see which bed does better.

ALSO while outside i found my favorite flowering mystery shrub is flowering again!  this guy showed up last year and i have NO idea what it is or how it got here and my across the street neighbor friend has the SAME MYSTERIOUS SUDDENLY-APPEARING SHRUB and she ALSO doesnt know what it is!  exciting!   and lovely!

i found one thing i wasnt looking for though:

slug eggs.

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maybe I’m pushing my luck but i have just put in the first seeds of 2010.  ive looked it up.  a million times in a million places; there are some things you can definitely plan in february.  look although ive lived in the pacific nw for over a decade, i am still a midwestern girl at heart and this goes against everything ive ever known so bear with me and my neuroses ok?  here we go…

we put in our initial patches of arugula and peas as well as a small patch of radish.  nobody here is a huge radish fan im just excited to be growing stuff.  i think eva is just excited to be able to bust out her “gardening hat”.

when i turned in all the green manure i planted last year (im still not sure if that was worth doing or not – the beds that i overseeded are “fluffier” than the bare beds for sure but i wonder if putting that much raw organic matter into a small space is overkill?) i could not BELIEVE the number of fat worms i have populating my beds.

im so excited !!

in another couple weeks I’ll put in another round of peas and arugula and then we’ll be getting ready for march.  next weekend we’ll get the fence up and find a place for these blueberries.

woo go garden!

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stuff i am terrible at but enjoy anyway:

  • baking
  • knitting
  • video games
  • gardening

This past weekend i decided to focus on the last one.  the weather this winter has been unseasonably warm and dry (thx el nino).  i’m wondering if that means i could probably plant some stuff earlier than usual?  im a little scared of that – everyone tells me that we’ll get another frost around march.  but still, a friend of mine who has the most phenomenal garden said she’s already put in potatoes and some other stuff… so im thinking i’ll get my plans together now and start putting things in mid to late february.

not pictured: every other book i own

so yeah that means planning.  im the kind of nerd that has to make 1000000000 lists and charts and spreadsheets and then research all kinds of stuff and stress and sweat about every single detail before i put a single seed in the ground because i don’t really understand this whole process and am somewhat terrified of it.  Last years garden gave me some confidence;  everything i planted grew and produced something with the exception of the corn, melon and winter squash (which actually did set one teeny squash, but then broke off before it could ripen). the corn and the melon just might not be appropriate for the pacific northwest.  that doesnt stop me from giving it another shot this summer tho.  i don’t know why I continue to freak out about this crap.  i mean – stuff has been growing for millions of years.  right??  the natural course of things is on my side.  theoretically.


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ive not done it before and it sounds goooooooood…

I am also finishing up hat number 2 and maybe MAYBE going to sit down and look at a seed catalog and figure out what I want to plant then make a spreadsheet of when i need to plant everything and the time it takes to harvest and figure out where everything should go for staggered/succession planting because my ability to manipulate time and space really sucked last year. also i think i can start planting in february so i should do that soon.

but that sounds a bit like a lot esp for a (4 day weekend) sunday .

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gardening post

this is my fuchsia:

close up:

this is my garden:

Actually only 2/5 of my garden i have other beds.

hmmm… there’s something weird going on in that first bed.  It looks like some asshole has been trampling through it oh yes here he is:

This is my first year of making an concentrated effort to grow things, and of course the first step of that process is to amass a small library of reference books.

I broadcast sowed my lettuce on the advice of a bunch of different sources, with the idea being that you can eat what you thin and have lettuce all season long

I don’t know if i spread them too thick or if I pushed all the seed together when I raked over them but the lettuce looks WAY too thick:

right now all those little plants just have the cotyledon; no true leaves yet.  I think I am going to need to do a round of non-edible thinning.  I’m so confused this is not what the books told me to expect \O_o/

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