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i really wanted this to be about doing things – something – anything.  keeping busy keeps me sane.

except that i havent really felt like doing anything.  the last time i was pregnant was 10 years ago.  not only have i significantly less energy this time around i also seem to have acquired things like “responsibilities” and “obligations” which seem to take up more time than i remember or maybe it just seems that way when you routinely fall asleep at 9:00 every night.  everything else just kinda gets pushed aside.

anyway.  this doesnt matter anymore since im on bedrest now.  i have all the time in the world… (ok the next 3 weeks) do really soak in some doing nothing.  obligations – such as work, grocery shopping, making dinner, tending the garden: gone.  my world is literally my bed.  the couch.  the bathroom.

and it fucking sucks. (more…)


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mmmmmm… polentaaaaa….

i’ve never really been able to determine where grits end and polenta begins.  the last box of cornmeal i bought was white corn and it sure looked and cooked and tasted like grits to me.  one of my most favorite comfort foods in the whole world is a big bowl of grits loaded with butter and salt and maybe a fried egg dropped right on top.  i’ve always assumed that polenta was the upscale cousin of grits but im beginning to suspect theyre really identical twins and ONE of them is putting on airs. (more…)

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