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maybe I’m pushing my luck but i have just put in the first seeds of 2010.  ive looked it up.  a million times in a million places; there are some things you can definitely plan in february.  look although ive lived in the pacific nw for over a decade, i am still a midwestern girl at heart and this goes against everything ive ever known so bear with me and my neuroses ok?  here we go…

we put in our initial patches of arugula and peas as well as a small patch of radish.  nobody here is a huge radish fan im just excited to be growing stuff.  i think eva is just excited to be able to bust out her “gardening hat”.

when i turned in all the green manure i planted last year (im still not sure if that was worth doing or not – the beds that i overseeded are “fluffier” than the bare beds for sure but i wonder if putting that much raw organic matter into a small space is overkill?) i could not BELIEVE the number of fat worms i have populating my beds.

im so excited !!

in another couple weeks I’ll put in another round of peas and arugula and then we’ll be getting ready for march.  next weekend we’ll get the fence up and find a place for these blueberries.

woo go garden!


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