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animal pictures

because why the heck not.



lang and smeagol



bad hair day


eleanor plots to take over the world

chair: ur doin it wrong

snuggle buddiezzz:

when elli was just a kitten

mr and mrs santa

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eleanor wonders where da food at

so my meal plan for this week isnt any different from last week since i only really got a chance to cook twice.

instead i had to go out one night with a friend since she told me she had exciting news (engaged, quitting her job, starting her own practice AND an awesome book deal… aaaaaa!  \O_o/) then another night we had tickets to a blazer game then there was a superbowl party and girl scouts night and oh i dont know probably something else so w/e i’m just reusing everything from last week and adding on butter chicken which c. has expressed an interest in making and more power to him.

and it will be AWESOME.  btw.


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