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you see i was getting geared up to make a soup the other day and i opened my freezer to see if i had a chicken carcass because if im going to make a soup i may as well go balls out and make a stock too right? and what did i find? a whole half a chicken.

now, i don’t remember when i put it there.  therefore: mystery chicken.  the internet told me that chicken is good frozen for 9 months to a year and i am pretty sure that it hasn’t been that long.  also growing up we had a chest freezer and used to get a whole hog from the farm once a year and i KNOW some of that stuff was in there forever and ever and none of us ever died so …

i thawed it out. and the skin definitely had some freezer burn, but the meat looked intact. so i said fuck it im going to make a stock anyway i mean worse case scenario it tastes funky and i have to toss it and use boxed stock but at least i tried and really what else am i doing today the weather is kinda crap and the only other real plans i have involve napping on the couch while i pretend to watch the olympics and maybe MAYBE taking a shower so its not like i cant fit it into my day.



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mmmmmm… polentaaaaa….

i’ve never really been able to determine where grits end and polenta begins.  the last box of cornmeal i bought was white corn and it sure looked and cooked and tasted like grits to me.  one of my most favorite comfort foods in the whole world is a big bowl of grits loaded with butter and salt and maybe a fried egg dropped right on top.  i’ve always assumed that polenta was the upscale cousin of grits but im beginning to suspect theyre really identical twins and ONE of them is putting on airs. (more…)

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