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i had another post written here and i didnt like it so i am rewriting it.  it was grim and sarcastic and i already have an outlet for grim and sarcastic so instead im going to talk about stuff i unabashedly like:

I like this website where they post a free yoga routine video every week.  i have commitment and follow through problems with most things but exercise in any form is the worst mostly because although i like the IDEA of exercise i hate actually moving my body with any kind of effort for any longer than say… 10 minutes also having to wear special clothes and getting sweaty and having to use an entire hour.  but i guess i can say i hate yoga LESS than say running.  for one: i can wake up and do yoga in my pajamas.

i also like listening to my recommended station on the last.fm iphone application.  i set out to do the dishes today and ended up cleaning out the fridge and organizing a drawer just because i was listening to stuff id never heard before.

i like… not feeling guilty about being lazy in my meal planning:

  • chicken enchiladas (leftover shredded chicken from my chicken stock this weekend)
  • orecchiete with mushroom (add broccolini and chili flakes)
  • yakisoba (because it was so good the other week and i STILL have leftover cabbage)
  • tomato soup and grilled cheese (per eva’s request)
  • leftovers (whatever else is leftover)

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