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cooking this week is going on the back burner (haw).

we’ve had a death in the family and c. is fying to iowa tomorrow leaving me to fly solo for the next few days with the girl.  its no thing; people do this all the time but cooking for a picky 9 year old is trying enough without having to scale recipes to 1.5 people.  So im sticking to things she likes:

  • macaroni and cheese
  • beans and rice + cornbread
  • … sushi train?

we’ll get back on track next week.

In other news i made another hat.  This wasnt even a hat for me or anyone really it was just a basic hat.  i kinda just wanted to see how fast i could crank it out (answer: less than a day. POW).

I used this pattern but messed it up (of c.).  When I read to knit for 5.5 inches, I took that as 5.5 inches PLUS the 2.5 rib – so i got like 8 inches in before i started decreasing. which means that i nearly ran out of yarn toward the top and had to do all the decrease rows one after another instead of knitting for 2 rows inbetween. So now its long and narrows abruptly giving it kindof a toque-ish feel which doesn’t look terrible on even if it isnt EXACTLY what was expected.


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