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This week:

we also have girlscouts and gymnastics and WALKING WITH THE FREAKING DINOSAURS tomorrow so there’ll probably be a few leftover and beenie-weenie nights for quick easy can we please just go one night without anyone complaining about how they dont really like what i cooked.

I’ve been taking leftovers for lunch (or just being lazy and going to the cafeteria) but its too much heavy food and starting to make me feel like poo so I’m going back to my favorite: fake bento.  which is pretty much just a bunch of snacks crammed in a box.  I have adorable bento boxes that I’ve been collecting over the years but i’ve found that a good leakproof sandwich container works great – especially if you use little silicone cupcake liners to separate out the contents.

I try to have one thing from each category plus one more fruit and/or veggie and pack the box FULL:

  • Protein: nuts, hard boiled egg, nut butter, cottage cheese, cheese cubes or a babybel, yogurt
  • Fruit: 1/2 of an apple, pear, or orange; grapes, berries, dates, etc
  • Veggiescarrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, edamame, broccoli, leftovers (greens/asparagus/etc)
  • Grainsrice balls, whole wheat or wasa crackers, sesame sticks, granola maybe?

It doesn’t look like a huge amount of food, but it is filling and satisfying and probably good for you?  Better than chicken fingers, french fries, and a cup of brown gravy to dip everything in which was an actual lunch i had last week (-_-;).  ALSO you can snack on stuff all day and don’t have to feel guilty about breaking into your lunch at 10:30 if you want because youre just going to grab a teeny bite.   i’ve tried to take pictures of my fake bentos before but the morning light is crap right now so id basically be taking pictures in the dark.  maybe ill give it another shot tho.


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i had another post written here and i didnt like it so i am rewriting it.  it was grim and sarcastic and i already have an outlet for grim and sarcastic so instead im going to talk about stuff i unabashedly like:

I like this website where they post a free yoga routine video every week.  i have commitment and follow through problems with most things but exercise in any form is the worst mostly because although i like the IDEA of exercise i hate actually moving my body with any kind of effort for any longer than say… 10 minutes also having to wear special clothes and getting sweaty and having to use an entire hour.  but i guess i can say i hate yoga LESS than say running.  for one: i can wake up and do yoga in my pajamas.

i also like listening to my recommended station on the last.fm iphone application.  i set out to do the dishes today and ended up cleaning out the fridge and organizing a drawer just because i was listening to stuff id never heard before.

i like… not feeling guilty about being lazy in my meal planning:

  • chicken enchiladas (leftover shredded chicken from my chicken stock this weekend)
  • orecchiete with mushroom (add broccolini and chili flakes)
  • yakisoba (because it was so good the other week and i STILL have leftover cabbage)
  • tomato soup and grilled cheese (per eva’s request)
  • leftovers (whatever else is leftover)

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tuesday: mealplan for 2/2

Pretty much everything we made last week was a huge hit; especially the yakisoba, chicken with polenta and prosciutto, and the chicken sausage and white bean casserole.  Next time I make the casserole I’ll add some greens (chard or kale) and bake it in a squash half.  yummmm!

Edit: Ok so while at the store I saw halibut filets at a decent price and knew i had a half a head of cabbage leftover from last week.  I grabbed an avacado and I’m gonna make C. make me some tortillas and make some fish tacos!

the total bill for this week’s food, including staples and miscellaneous junk was ~$90 – woot.

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i guess i know that if i want to “build” a “successful” “blog” i need to post new exciting awesome creative things somewhat regularly but see here’s the thing. i finally dont care about this thing becoming anything more than a snaphot of the next (ideally) year or so for me to look back on. Sorta like the little moleskine pocket dayplanner i use to jot a note here and there… with big stretches of empty weeks because i just didnt “feel like it” (or more likely nothing much was going on).

when youre a perpetual starter (intermittent finisher) like me, its easy to start a project with big dreams of having this big awesome helpful creative witty blog that everyone looooves omg and links to you on the bigger aggregate-type sites like craft or thekitchn but ive come back down to earth now and come to terms with the fact that im not actually great at being helpful creative witty and its not in my future and that is a HUGE relief.  it honestly weirds me out when i see from the wordpress dashboard that a poor soul accidentally hit any one of my pages anyway.  I mean ive not even told my MOM where this thing is… although maybe i should.  she might enjoy it.

Anyway. here’s what (is/was) for dinner this week:

  • Yakisoba (using ~6oz of beef)
  • Panfried true cod with asparagus and couscous
  • Trip to Red Robin for Eva’s birthday dinner.  Her choice. (i got a gardenburger with cheddar cheese and bacon.  and fries.  and an icecream sundae. :X)
  • grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  • Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with green beans and brown rice
  • Chicken Sausage with White Beans and Sage


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cooking this week is going on the back burner (haw).

we’ve had a death in the family and c. is fying to iowa tomorrow leaving me to fly solo for the next few days with the girl.  its no thing; people do this all the time but cooking for a picky 9 year old is trying enough without having to scale recipes to 1.5 people.  So im sticking to things she likes:

  • macaroni and cheese
  • beans and rice + cornbread
  • … sushi train?

we’ll get back on track next week.

In other news i made another hat.  This wasnt even a hat for me or anyone really it was just a basic hat.  i kinda just wanted to see how fast i could crank it out (answer: less than a day. POW).

I used this pattern but messed it up (of c.).  When I read to knit for 5.5 inches, I took that as 5.5 inches PLUS the 2.5 rib – so i got like 8 inches in before i started decreasing. which means that i nearly ran out of yarn toward the top and had to do all the decrease rows one after another instead of knitting for 2 rows inbetween. So now its long and narrows abruptly giving it kindof a toque-ish feel which doesn’t look terrible on even if it isnt EXACTLY what was expected.

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