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i guess i know that if i want to “build” a “successful” “blog” i need to post new exciting awesome creative things somewhat regularly but see here’s the thing. i finally dont care about this thing becoming anything more than a snaphot of the next (ideally) year or so for me to look back on. Sorta like the little moleskine pocket dayplanner i use to jot a note here and there… with big stretches of empty weeks because i just didnt “feel like it” (or more likely nothing much was going on).

when youre a perpetual starter (intermittent finisher) like me, its easy to start a project with big dreams of having this big awesome helpful creative witty blog that everyone looooves omg and links to you on the bigger aggregate-type sites like craft or thekitchn but ive come back down to earth now and come to terms with the fact that im not actually great at being helpful creative witty and its not in my future and that is a HUGE relief.  it honestly weirds me out when i see from the wordpress dashboard that a poor soul accidentally hit any one of my pages anyway.  I mean ive not even told my MOM where this thing is… although maybe i should.  she might enjoy it.

Anyway. here’s what (is/was) for dinner this week:

  • Yakisoba (using ~6oz of beef)
  • Panfried true cod with asparagus and couscous
  • Trip to Red Robin for Eva’s birthday dinner.  Her choice. (i got a gardenburger with cheddar cheese and bacon.  and fries.  and an icecream sundae. :X)
  • grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup
  • Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast with green beans and brown rice
  • Chicken Sausage with White Beans and Sage



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