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a failed attempt at cupcake decorations turned homemade valentines for eva’s third grade class.  very cute.

C. and i dont celebrate valentines day.  we’re with liz lemon (sham created by card companies to reinforce and exploit gender stereotypes).  I will instead “celebrate” the day by making mushroom barley soup and maybe a loaf of bread if i magically get SUPER motivated.  also eva’s “boyfriend” is coming over to play.  which would be annoying if i didnt find it so darn adorable.

(*awkward transition*)

things are somber around here.  as of course any dummy could have guessed, a dog with a nosebleed for 5 days straight is creeping past “not normal” into “bad fucking news” territory.

in lang-dog’s case we have found it to be a tumor in his sinus cavity back by his eye.  we dont have biopsy results yet but regardless of the results theres not a whole lot to be done.

there’s also not much else to say about that.

yesterday we went to the yard garden and patio show and i was able to get the seeds im missing for this year’s garden including chantais melon which was exciting.  we also picked up a few pots of blueberries and looked at patio pavers too but honestly with dog medical bills major landscaping projects are likely on the back burner for now.   we’re also rethinking the fence we were going to run around the garden to keep out lang since well… we dont really know how permanent its going to have to be, if that doesnt sound horrifyingly morbid.

the rest of my weekend and likely the remainder of the holiday has been/will be spent lying on the couch with the big dog playing animal parade.


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eleanor wonders where da food at

so my meal plan for this week isnt any different from last week since i only really got a chance to cook twice.

instead i had to go out one night with a friend since she told me she had exciting news (engaged, quitting her job, starting her own practice AND an awesome book deal… aaaaaa!  \O_o/) then another night we had tickets to a blazer game then there was a superbowl party and girl scouts night and oh i dont know probably something else so w/e i’m just reusing everything from last week and adding on butter chicken which c. has expressed an interest in making and more power to him.

and it will be AWESOME.  btw.


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