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i gave it my best shot but i cant i just cant do it anymore. of course i’m talking about the woobu scarf. it’s just too much. i’m sure this doesn’t bode well for me and future knitting endeavors AND MAYBE i will develop some more “sticktoitiveness” as i get harder better faster stronger (click*) but it hasnt happened yet in 30… odd … years of doin’ thangs so i may as well embrace it.

so the woobu scarf is now a lana bambu scarf in a simple moss/seed stitch on #9 needles and I’ve already made more progress in 2 days than i had with the woobu over what like 2 weeks or something?  honestly i just want to get it finished so i can justify starting another project.  (socks!)  ohhhhh… this is bad news all around i tell you.



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subtitle: fingering weight yarn, norwegian purl, attempting (and failing) to scale learning curves & project overload

before last week’s journey to the yarn store i told C. that I would make him something, anything he wanted and that he could pick out any yarn he wanted.  in hindsight i should have set some parameters.

but i didn’t and he chose a lovely soft merino/bamboo hand-dyed yarn and said he wanted a scarf. I was THRILLED to buy it.  Then I tried to knit with it.

see up til this point I’d been working with worsted weight yarns and size 7-8-9 needles and felt pretty confident; even knitting in the round with dpns was awkward but not daunting.  my new years goal of knitting socks was within my grasp and it wasn’t even february yet!  I’m king of the world!!

until I tried to hold that woobu with size 4 needles (which isnt even that small!!).  I started and frogged probably a half dozen times – I couldn’t get it cast on right, I couldnt control my tension, I kept dropping stitches… aaaaa!  it was terrible!

Reality check #1: I’m not as good as I thought I was (more…)

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