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you see i was getting geared up to make a soup the other day and i opened my freezer to see if i had a chicken carcass because if im going to make a soup i may as well go balls out and make a stock too right? and what did i find? a whole half a chicken.

now, i don’t remember when i put it there.  therefore: mystery chicken.  the internet told me that chicken is good frozen for 9 months to a year and i am pretty sure that it hasn’t been that long.  also growing up we had a chest freezer and used to get a whole hog from the farm once a year and i KNOW some of that stuff was in there forever and ever and none of us ever died so …

i thawed it out. and the skin definitely had some freezer burn, but the meat looked intact. so i said fuck it im going to make a stock anyway i mean worse case scenario it tastes funky and i have to toss it and use boxed stock but at least i tried and really what else am i doing today the weather is kinda crap and the only other real plans i have involve napping on the couch while i pretend to watch the olympics and maybe MAYBE taking a shower so its not like i cant fit it into my day.



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a few weeks ago there was this lovely soup making the rounds. it was posted and reposted everywhere. the only thing NOT posted was the recipe. now i love deborah madison and ‘vegetarian cooking for everyone’ has my current favorite soup and and of course i was dying to try it but im not really in a position to buy a new cookbook right now. so i looked up another recipe and worked backwards from this vegan modified version and came up with this.  i don’t know how close it is to the original but its goooooood. (more…)

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